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ABS Translations


23 Austin Friars
Phone: 0845 643 5884

ABS Translations’ principal activity is the provision of professional high quality translation services to a wide range of businesses. We understand the translation services that you need: high quality translation work, carried out by highly-skilled professional translators, combined with rigorous quality control of the translation process and implementation of the necessary management procedures to ensure delivery on time, every time.

A High Quality Translation

A translation may well be accurate, word for word or even sentence for sentence, however, this does not guarantee that it reads properly in the target language. A high quality translation is idiomatic: that is to say, a translation which is not only accurate, in that it conveys the thoughts of the originator, but one that reads as if it were originally created in the target language. In addition, a high quality translation also addresses the needs of the target audience.

Professional Translation Services

  • High quality translation every time;
  • Translation services that exceed expectations;
  • High quality translation delivered on time;
  • Translation delivered within budget;
  • Quotations for translation services that are clear and do not give rise to hidden extras.

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