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Soluting Technology Limited


24 Greville Street Farringdon, Camden
Phone: 0207 084 6259
Fax: 0207 084 6259

Soluting Technology Limited is an IT consultancy company that specialises in delivering application, server & desktop virtualised solutions using Citrix based technologies. Having over 14yrs of IT experience provides to our customers an assurance that your problem is handled with professional courtesy and resolved more quickly. Our committment to our customers is to provide a high standard of work which ensures we deliver a level of service which meets your business requirements. Soluting Technology Limited has a number of Citrix certifications covering a wide range of Citrix products such as Xenserver, XenApp, Access Gateway, Provisioning Services and Password Manager just to name a few, that will help your organisation benefit from increased productivity, reduced administrative overhead, have a dynamic environment and a saving in cost. Our mission statement 'Planning is the key to our success!' describes the level of service we deliver to all of our customers. It is our primary objective to ensure that your business is maintained and supported using best practices and experience from our team of expert consultants. We offer services covering designing application, server & desktop virtualised solutions, implementation, project management, testing, proof of concept and support. The company is also a certified Citrix Solution Advisor and Dell partner. If your company is thinking about using Citrix products, want to know more about how Citrix products can help your company save you money or requires further information about how we can help you resolve a particular issue


Soluting Technology offer the following services to a customer:

  • Project Management
  • Design & Implementation
  • Testing & Proof Of Concept
  • Support Management

Project Management

For any business deliverable we are able to prepare the project lifecycle for all of our design or implemetation proposals. We use Prince II methodologies to keep a close eye on the timeframes so that the deliverable of the project does not cause detrimental problems for the customer. Any customer would prefer to have 'peace of mind' assurance that the project will be handled efficiently and managed throughout the duration of the lifecycle. It is important for us that the customer is provided with a clear picture of how we intend to deliver the project using a reputable methodology such as Prince II.

Design & Implementation

Our consultants have a wide range of experience covering designing and implementing Citrix product solutions. Using best practices and proven working experience Soluting Technology can tailor a design to suit your company business model. We offer design models for business continuity, disaster recovery and strategic planning for all of the Citrix based products we specialise in.
Each Citrix product is capable of ensuring that the customer is not left with a concern should a fatal outage cause severe downtime is avoided through a proven design. We will offer you the available options that will help you decide what is the best way forward for your current business model. We want your business to benefit by having a solution that will help your business grow.

Testing & Proof Of Concept

For Soluting Technology to be able to provide the necessary support for our customers we need to be certain that we understand the technologies to it's full capability. Apart from designing and implementing a solution we also provide test plans which prove that the actual design is configured correctly. It is important for any company that we work with the design is fully tested and proven before releasing the configuration to a live production environment. Proving the actual concept of the design will show the customer how the product actually works. A picture says a thousand words therefore a proven working configuration ensures that you will be convinced the product is doing exactly what it is designed to do without any additional support from a third party product. It is this high level of working that gives us our reputation in producing the sort of work any customer will be satisfied with.

Support Management

Our consultants resolve general problems over the phone. However not all aspects of the problem can be resolved by the phone. So by using the award winning product GoToAssist our consultants can access your device via the public network. This type of support offers the customer a level of satisfactory service where an expert can take over and see exactly what is causing the problem and help resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. It is our responsibility to offer you a level of service we are proud of. Our purpose is to offer you expert advice in order to maintain your systems. Because we are a certified Citrix Solution Advisor we are committed to provide you with the help you need for peace of mind.


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