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PIN Protection Services Ltd


Mill Hill London
Contact Person: James Bright

PIN Protection Services specialise in providing consumers with the ability to combat Chip & PIN card fraud.


Chip and PIN card systems were introduced as part of a global campaign to drastically reduce plastic card fraud. With magnetic strip cards, all the fraudster needed was to get the card and copy the signature on its reverse, to access associated funds. Now, they needed your Personal Identification Number (PIN), which only you know.


This new technology forced card fraudsters to evolve. The pickpocket and the mugger sometimes joined forces to become a team who would watch your PIN being entered as you used it, later intercepting you and your card as you left the card terminal. The more organised and informed criminal began to link CCTV / hidden cameras with card readers, which when combined would allow them to access your account using reproductions of your card. It seemed this excellent system had one major shortfall. With these changes in fraudster strategy, consumers were no longer able to adequately protect their PIN. This was, of course, until now.


We have a range of unique, patented, specially designed cardholders, which not only reduce the possibility of card loss but also afford the user almost total protection of their PIN, when used to authorise transactions. It fits neatly into your wallet / pocket and provides you almost 100% protection from having your PIN observed, when used.


This removes the threat of PIN observation related muggings, pick-pocketing and card cloning, leaving you - the card owner - free to enjoy that which you have worked hard for.


Taking a holiday? You need the PIN Protector. We all know that holidays are times when we all like to relax. Sadly, fraudsters are aware of this too and often take advantage of the opportunities this presents. With a PIN Protector, your funds are always safe because your PIN is. For the average fraudster, 'No PIN=No money'. This leaves you with a holiday where you can really relax, relatively free from the threat of card abuse.


At present, we are only taking orders from large buyers (e.g. banks, chain stores, fashion houses, etc...). However, if you, the card user, are interested in receiving more information about this cardholder please register your interest using the following

If you would like a PIN Protector cardholder for free, speak to your bank now, giving them our web address. They can and should provide you with one. By our all working together, we can truly make the world a safer place for all, eventually free from PIN related card fraud.

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