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Jim'll Mix


Unit 1, Lusty Industrial Estate Empson Street, Bow
E3 3LT
Phone: 020-7538-2266
Fax: 020-7537-3256

Jim’ll Mix It is a leading supplier of concrete in London. With over 20 years of experience, products and services to suit any size job and state of the art equipment you can be sure of quality service.

Drum Mixer Vehicle

The drum mixer vehicle is used for larger quantities. The concrete is mixed at our plant in Bow, East London and then delivered to the customer. This type of vehicle can deliver concrete designed to meet most industry standards. The fleet comprises of 6m3 and 8m3 vehicles.

Volumetric Vehicle

This vehicle is a fully automated mobile batching plant capable of mixing both concrete and screed. The vehicle carries constituent materials and mixes the required quantity on site. This is a very quick and clean method of supplying concrete/screed and will mix up to 1m3 per minute. Customers can order as little as 1m3 and each vehicle carries up to 8m3. The customer only pays for the quantity used and therefore will not incur an un-carried charge.
The method of mixing on site enables the company to service customers at a much greater distance from base than conventional drum mixer vehicles.
A volumetric vehicle will stay up to one hour on site free of charge before incurring any charges.

Pumping Service

We have two types of concrete pump available, land line and boom. When booking a pump, please specify which type you require.
Boom pumps are used to pump concrete at height or where access prohibits the use of a land line pump. A pump will stay on site for up to 4 hours without additional charge. The standard distance for land line pump is 45 metres. Distances in excess of this will require additional personnel that will incur a small additional charge.

It’s not economical or recommended that quantities less than 2m3 are pumped as a significant volume of concrete is left in the pump after completion of the work. However there is no restriction on the maximum quantity to be pumped.
It is necessary for the customer to provide two standard bags of cement to grout the line. Additionally a suitable area for washing out of the pump must be provided. We usually recommend that an 2.5 metre square tarpaulin is used to line a pre-dug hole/trench to facilitate this use. Please allow 48 hours notice when placing an order for a pump.

Barrowing & Placing Service

Modern Mix Ltd can provide labour and tools for a barrowing and placing service. This service is available for external access only i.e. we will not access the works through a residential property.
When ordering this service, please provide the distance to be barrowed from the kerb side and whether or not there any significant obstructions i.e. is the surface flat or inclined.

Concrete Testing

We have our own in-house concrete testing laboratory as part of our quality Control procedures.

We can provide customers with a sampling, manufacture and cube testing service At an additional cost.

All of the above sampling and testing is carried out in accordance With the relevant British Standard methods. A test report is issued to the Customer confirming the results.

Screed is supplied to the housing and construction market using our fleet Of Volumetric vehicles. We can supply 3-1 and 4-1 mixes incorporating a retarder To allow a delayed set for up to 12 hours.
With this method of delivery a minimum order of 2m3 applies, however, the flexibility Of this type of vehicle allows an increase in quantity at the touch of a button.

Vehicle Tracking Device

All vehicles are fitted with a GPS tracking device. This enables us to provide the customer with real time progress of the vehicles location whilst travelling to site. Screen Shot

Concrete Mix Design Certificates

We are able to provide concrete mix design certificates confirming the product provided. These are available upon request.

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