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National Charities Campaign


No.22-24, James House Corsham Street
N1 6DR
Phone: 08450945028

National Charities Campaign is a new initiative for 2007 from which all registered UK charities will benefit and is set to launch some of the biggest fundraising events ever!

National Charities Campaign is the only initiative bringing together all charities throughout the UK, to raise awareness and assist in the valuable work that they carry out.

The Campaign was launched early in 2007 and involves a variety of events and projects. The majority of funds raised by National Charities Campaign will be spread evenly across a range of charitable sectors including; International Aid, Environmental protection, Medical Research and Care (Cancer, Leukaemia, Heart Disease, AIDS), Disability support, Children's charities, Helping the Elderly and Heritage trusts. Individuals will also have the opportunity to nominate particular charities or sectors to benefit from their personal donations.

There are many great charitable organisations across the country and around the world whose work is invaluable, helping those in desperate need and also protecting our heritage and our planet for the future. National Charities Campaign spreads donations received across a variety of charities, helping to support particular projects or just the day-to-day running of the organisation.

National Charities Campaign aims is to provide a simple and effective platform for charities to raise funds and awareness without the need for costly financial outlay. Our tools and events can be utilised easily by charities large or small to maintain their much-needed work.



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