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Nobel Road Edmonton
N18 3BH
Phone: 020-8803 2222
Fax: 020-8807 3292

We are pleased to welcome you to our web site, which covers the activities of the Oakwood Plant Group.

The Group has the resources and experience to satisfactorily undertake most projects, offering a full range of services covering Demolition and Asbestos Removal, Site De-Contamination/Remediation, Bulk Earth Moving and Groundworks.

With a strong management team and a substantial holding of plant and equipment, we are able to offer our services to provide quality in our contracting operations combining this with increased safety and environmental performance.

The Group is based at Edmonton, North London and is able to offer its services, in the main, throughout the South East and Southern Midlands of the UK. However, for larger projects, our Demolition services are offered UK wide.

We thank you for your visit and would ask that you log in to 'What We Do' to find specific details of our Group Operations.

Asbestos Management

Each year, between 2000 and 3000 people die from asbestos related diseases. ALL of these could be prevented and remember there are NO cures.

Employers and property owners have a duty to make arrangements to protect their staff, visitors and contractors. To do this they must identify any asbestos containing materials and make adequate arrangements to remove, repair or control any work on or near them. The measures will vary depending upon whether you wish to occupy, refurbish or demolish the property.

Bulk earthworks & Groundworks

The Oakwood Plant Group has over thirty years experience in providing and delivering groundworks and bulk earthworks projects on time.

We offer a 'Full Package' service to include all management, engineering plant and materials. We are competitive on projects from £250K to in excess of £5M.

The Group has a substantial holding of plant and equipment, an excellent fully trained workforce and a nucleus of tried and tested specialist contractors. The Group is well positioned in the market and can offer a 1st class cost effective service.

De-Contamination & Site Remediation

As the pressure on the supply of suitable land builds, so the need to develop 'Brownfield' sites increases.

This comes with the added expense necessary to 'clean-up' buildings and land by removing contamination that has arisen from previous uses.

Our aim is to provide our clients with an assured way forward by offering a professional, positive and clear approach to their problems.

Using our expertise, commitment and experience we can help organisations improve their environmental and financial performance.

This service is provided alongside our demolition/dismantling, stripping-out, asbestos removal and groundworks operations. It is complimentary to them and prevents inter-face problems on site.

Waste management & Re-cycling

We own and operate a licensed waste transfer station close to our head office in Edmonton, North London. We receive waste from construction and civic amenity sites all over London and the South for recycling.

The waste is sorted into its constituent components and materials such as wood, metal, brick, concrete and soils are separated and sent for recycling. More than 60% of the waste we handle is recycled meaning less than 40% is sent to landfill. This has huge benefits for the environment and happily, greatly reduces the cost of waste from site.


We operate a fleet of modern, well maintained vehicles and trucks to service the waste and delivery requirements of our construction and demolition sites, wherever they may be. Our drivers are trained in the carriage of hazardous substances and we have significant expertise in the carriage of Special Waste (asbestos, contamination etc).

We believe the ability to call upon reliable 'in house' transport significantly aids our capacity to complete sometimes difficult contracts, to schedule and without compromising safety.


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