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Roy Shuttleworth


259, Park West Marble Arch
W2 2QN
Phone: 0207 402 7532

Bsc.DipEd.Dip Clin Psych.AFBPsS.C.Psychol

I am a consultant in Clinical Psychology chartered by the British Psychological Society.
After receiving my degree from Melbourne University I gained my qualifications in Clinical Psychology in London. I worked in the NHS & specialising in Adult & Adolescent Psychology and then moved on to become the Principal Therapist at the Family Institute in Cardiff , which specialises in the treatment of families and couples as well as research and teaching. After a period working with expatriate stress in Hong Kong , I have spent recent years in Harley Street area working with a wide range psychological problems in adults & children , as well as providing specialist services in Corporations , The Legal Profession & TV Production Co .



- General Psychological Assessment. " Is there something wrong with me / how can i change the direction of my life ? "

- Depression. This can involve mood changes which may come on unexpectantly, or grief following the loss of someone through death or separation.

- Stress. This can be due to difficulties at work , in a relationship or worries about health.

- Anxiety. This may be focused on specific issues or more generalised.

- Phobias. For example , fear of lifts , heights , needles , flying.

- Family problems. This can involve issues such as coping with the ramifications of a member of family leaving home.

- Relationship Problems. Help can be given with a relationship going stale , infidelity , problems with commitment.

- Sexual Difficulties. This could involve loss of sexual desire , impotence and premature ejaculation. Help can also be given for confusion around sexual orientation.

- Eating Disorders. For example , bulimia , anorexia , overeating leading to weight problems.

- Lack of Confidence and Low Self-Esteem

- Panic Attacks

- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

- Anger Problems

- Self-Injury

- Assessment of Memory Loss including Tests for Dementia

- Intelligence Testing

- Addictions

- Obsessional Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

- Anxiety Related to Medical Problems . For example , tinnitus , heart disease , skin and hair problems

- Psychological Assessment prior to cosmetic surgery or gender changing operations.

- Sleep Problems

Childen and Adolescents

Help can be given with :

- Fear of going to school an general truancy.

- Bed Wetting.

- Ties.

- Child-related Anxiety , Depression and Phobias.

- Behavioural Problems , such as being out of control.

- Reaction to Marital Break-up e.g. Hostility towards Step-parent.

- Dealing with Bullying.

- Exam related issues , such as studying and general preparation for exams.

- Self Esteem.

- Intelligence Testing.

Treatment Approaches

Short Term and focused , including techniques such as Anxiety Management , Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) , Eye Movement Desensitisation and Refocusing (EMDR) , Psychodrama , and other creative techniques , Family and Marital and Self Esteem Building.


Negotiaited accoring to means.

I am recognised by all major health insurers if the condition treated is covered by the clients policy.

Services to the Legal Profession

This can involve :
- Diagnostic work to see if the client is suffering from a major psychogical illness.
For example , if the client maybe disabled under the Disability Discrimination Act .

- Assessment can also be made for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

- Intelectual functioning , which maybe relavent for example in cases where there is a question of wheather the client is open " fit to plead " .

- Assessment of Families in Divorce Proceedings . This may include looking at the potential harm where a parent has been accused sexual misbehavior.

Service to the Television Industry

I have assessed many people for reality television programmes to make sure that they would not come to psychological harm were they to take part. Companies i have worked for include IWC Media , Optomen TV , Ruggie Media , Shine TV , Zig-zag ,
Betty TV , BBC , Firefly TV and Legal TV . The work has ranged from assessing candidates for Extreme Makeover through to discussing to camera why people don't make a will.

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