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RPC Cleaning Services


201 Acton Lane Chiswick
W4 5DA
Phone: 020 89944778

Wet and Dry carpet cleaning - Daily office cleaning services - RPC Cleaning West London UK

Benefit from 30 years experience in making you feel good

We are a serious contender in the daily office cleaning services market supplying a wide range of complementary specialist cleaning services, daily office cleaning services,wet and dry carpet cleaning, cleaning products and equipment. Not only do we take great care in maintaining and improving your working environment, we also consider ourselves responsible business partners.

When we say 'responsible,' it is because we know our daily office cleaning services have an indirect effect on your staff morale and their health, and just as importantly, your customers' perception of you. The exact monetary value of the benefits is difficult to measure, so it is probably welcome news that we care much more about helping you maintain a good working environment.

Our dry carpet cleaning services use the Host Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System Which is a simple and effective method for deep cleaning your carpet anytime without the inconvenience of getting wet, therefore there is no need to take the carpet out of service for a long period of time. With HOST carpet can be clean, dry and look its best every day.

It is important to have the right gear, and we sell it

We opened our showroom in 1991 and today we offer an extensive range of products related to the cleaning industry.

RPC can supply:

• Carpet and hard floor cleaning machinery and equipment
• A full array of cleaning chemicals
• Paper and plastic products
• Washroom accessories
• Mopping systems and floor sweepers
• Window cleaning equipment and ladders
• General janitorial items such as mops, brooms, cloths, safety signs etc
• Vacuum cleaners


We are distributors for

Host Von Schrader, Numatic, Contico, Ettore, Scot Young Research, Polaris Plastics.

We are suppliers of

Selden products, Prochem products, Johnson Diversey products etc

• Free deliveries for orders over £100.00
• Accounts welcome
• Major credit cards accepted
• Trade counter open 9.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday
• Current price list available on request



Daily Office Cleaning


We will cater for any contract from a once a week clean to a daily ten cleaner site offering every customer the same quality back up surface anywhere in London and around the M25 border.

As part of our customer care programme our Area Supervisors will make regular visits to check the cleaning standards and undertake Quality Cleaning Audits to ascertain that we are constantly meeting your cleaning requirements.


Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning


We specialise in the Host Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System Which is a simple and effective method for deep cleaning your carpet anytime without the inconvenience of getting wet, therefore there is no need to take the carpet out of service for a long period of time. With HOST carpet can be clean, dry and look its best every day.

The HOST system use specially designed equipment and HOST SPONGES. HOST equipment has counter-rotating brushes to pile lift and dislodge dirt; and HOST SPONGES contain a balanced blend of water, detergents, wetting agents and natural ingredients. As the sponges are brushed through the carpet the absorbent particles deep clean by dissolving, trapping and removing spots, spills and greasy oily dirt. Vacuum up the sponges with the HOST equipment and your carpet is clean, dry and back in service.

The HOST system is designed to be used in many applications to meet all of your carpet cleaning needs. And most major carpet manufacturers worldwide approve HOST. HOST safely cleans any carpet type including stain resistant, wool and even delicate oriental rugs. With the HOST system we can guarantee no shrinkage, split seams, delamination, wicking back of spots or dye bleed because we clean with low moisture and at room temperature.

HOST also reduce allergens and improves indoor air quality. Years of independent Research show that oneclean with HOST removes &8% of dust mites, 75% of dust allergens and 85% of mold spores and cat allergens.

And you get all this for no extra cost as our rates for Dry Carpet Cleaning are all the same as ones we charge for Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning.

In addition we also offer carpet maintenance plans.

Because of the controlled moisture levels and the low pH detergent used in the Host Sponges we could clean the same carpet every day of the year without fear of it prematurely wearing, and considering most carpets are replaced because they have become uncleanable it means a carpet maintenance plan could save you a considerable amount of money.

So call us today to discuss your carpet maintenance requirements before your investment becomes uncleanable.


Wet Extraction Carpet Cleaning


We also offer a hot water extraction carpet cleaning service.


Upholstery cleaning


We clean all fabrics including Suede and leather.

We utilise the Von Schrader Esprit for most upholstery cleaning which is also a low moisture soil extraction system so there are no over wetting dangers and the seating goes back in use almost immediately.

Also, we will also clean the fabrics by hand particularly if the fabrics are sensitive like silk and cotton velour.

Along with fabric furniture we can also clean fabric walls and partitions.

Rug Cleaning

We offer an on site cleaning service and an off site cleaning service where we will pick up the rug, take it to our plant for cleaning and then return it wrapped and with a condition report.

Curtain Cleaning

Along with rugs we can clean curtains on or off site.

Hard Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Over the years we have picked up a lot of experience in the care of hard floors from machine scrubbing of vinyl flooring to crystallization of marble, and just like carpets we are only too happy to implement a maintenance plan for your floor so that you can get the best return for your investment.


Window Cleaning


Window cleaning was our introduction to the cleaning industry and the technology is so different today compared to 1977. We constantly keep ourselves updated with the latest equipment and also offer the Reach and Wash system, which, negates the need for ladders and is fully compliant with the latest health and safety legislation.

Pre-Occupancy Cleans & Between Let Cleans

Our fully trained cleaning teams can tackle any task from a general standard clean to a heavy duty clean including degreasing kitchens. We carry out this work on both commercial and domestic buildings.

Depending on the nature of the work it could be carried out on a fixed price or an hourly rate, and prices for standard or deep cleans on average size properties are available on request.

Builders cleans are also undertaken usually on an hourly rate.



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