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Freight Manual


27 Marina Place Kingston Upon Thames

Our main goal is to provide the most comprehensive freight directory service available globally, connecting service providers to importers and exporters. This would also narrow down the search to connect the industry world wide. Years of research and development by our departments have provided a freight directory which is built on customer demand.

To provide this service we decided to make the search as user-friendly and swift as possible, locating the company the browser is searching for.

The clean site design offers speed and simplicity. When searching for a company you don’t want to be distracted by other features and services. This minimizes the time needed for you to find your connections. We have kept the design simple and concentrated on the contents of the directory.

Many companies globally don’t have websites and because of that have no web presence. To solve this we decided to offer a free listing service for all; which will give them the presence on the internet they need. They will be able to provide their full contact details, and a description of their activity free of charge.

Members of the research department have all had previous experience in the freight industry. We chose our team very carefully including operations staff and managers. will be the essential tool for the industry. Our future services; which will be disclosed as the directory evolves, are beyond expectations and far more essential to anything that has ever been offered to the market.


How We Operate

Researching has lead to assigning carefully selected agents in different regions around the world. This will provide us with up to date information on the industry. Our research department in London receives all the data. Data is verified then compiled into the database and handed over to the Integration Team. Most importantly we build the service based on surveys and customer demands.

All suggestions we receive are taken very seriously and all are thoroughly studied for implementation in our new and old services. If you have made a suggestion and never received a reply, you will receive a reply. Studying suggestions does take time but our estimated time of reply is around one month due to the large volume of suggestions that we receive.


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