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Before adding your entry you need to register by click on Registration Form on the

Main Menu as shown below


The following screen will appear, complete the all the fields and click on

send registration button

Your registration is completed by now.



NOW Check your email to active your account. 

After activation, you can add your entry by login from the main page.  


Putting your username and password and click on login

NOW your can add your entry by clicking on Add Entry and complete your entry form


Adding an Entry

Click on Add Entry as shown on Step 5



Selecting categories 


After selecting the right categories you need to accept the terms of use and click on




Editing an Entry

To edit your entry you need to login first by putting your user name and password

on the membership login section on the main page as show below




Find your Entry by going on the alphabet letters on the top of the main page as below





Scroll down to find your entry on the first page or use the navigation section at

the bottom of the page as shown below




Once you find your entry you will find EDIT button as shown below





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